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サンタフェJINというのは、Santa Fe Japanese Intercultural Network(サンタフェ日本文化交流ネットワーク)、略してJINですが、JINとは日本語で「人」、つまりサンタフェ人=サンタフェに住む人々となります。


また、東北震災の被災地への復興援助活動として、JAPAN AIDという基金を設立し、募金活動をしています。発生年には、100万円以上の援助金を、日本赤十字を通して寄付。現在は、岩手県花巻市で市民ホールと井上ひさし記念館の建設を計画、実行しているガバチョプロジェクトを援助しています。(詳しくは、Japan AIDのページをご覧ください。(ただいま内容付け足し作業中につき、情報を網羅しておりません。ご迷惑おかけします。)

その他の活動は、毎月3回のミーティングです。毎月第一日曜日は、遊びの日(Japan Activity Room)として、季節のお祝いやイベント、ミニクッキングクラスなどをみんなの手で計画運営しています。第2もしくは第3水曜日の夕方は、ボードミーティング(運営委員会)、その直後の日曜日午後には、一般メンバーのポットラック(食事持ち寄り)ミーティングで、時々さまざまなテーマでミニ講演会やデモなどもあります。

Santa Fe JIN was originally founded to organize a Japanese festival here in Santa Fe, a unique place in this high desert back in 2004. There is not a large population of Japanese and Japanese American people, but there is a lot of interest in Japanese culture. We had some Japanese families raising children and the parents wished to have their children experience some taste of Japan growing up. So seven friends donated $20 each, met to exchange ideas and started raising fund to hold the first Santa Fe Japanese Cultural Festival in November of the same year.

Since we are not going to be a Japanese people's association, we wanted a name that was creative and unique. After some discussions, we decided to call ourselves Santa Fe Japanese Intercultural Network (Santa Fe JIN). JIN is also a Japanese word that is translated "people". For example, Japanese people are called Nihon-jin ("Japan-people" = Japanese people). So in Japanese, it means "Santa Feans".

Our first Japan Festival was held in Genoveva Chavez Community Center's Community Room in November in 2004. It was a great success. The Community Room had the capacity for about 300 people, but we filled the whole room. Since then, we have held festivals semi-annually, then annually. In 2014, we celebrated the 10th Japan Festival.

In 2005, we became a non-profit organization.

Since then, we added more activities like Japanese Language Class taught by our member Noriko Martinez, whose excellent instruction has been increasing Santa Fe's Japanese speaking population. Santa Fe JIN members can sign up with very reasonable fees.

Also after the Tohoku (north region) disaster (tsunami and earthquake) of 2011, we formed a foundation called Japan Aid to collect fund to send to support victims. In its first year, more than 10,000 dollars were collected and sent through Red Cross. Currently, we have a direct contact with Gabacho Project in Hanamaki City in Iwate prefecture. and have sent some funds to them. They hope to build a community performing center.

We meet three times a month. On the first Sunday of the month, we have a fun play day called the Japan Activity Room to offer hands-on experience with the Japanese culture. On the second or third Wednesday evening, there is a board meeting. On the third Sunday, to have a general meeting, where we occasionally have presentations and have a potluck.

Our Mission

The purpose of Santa Fe JIN is to introduce the unique culture of Japan and to provide opportunities for those who wish to participate in the cultural diversity of Santa Fe. Our activities focus on creating a platform for multicultural communication in Northern New Mexico. We aim to promote understanding of Japanese traditions and practices through hosting fun and educational programs, the most prominent being that of the Japanese Festival (Matsuri). We also encourage cultural exchanges to expand the relationship between Santa Fe and Japan for further mutual understanding. It is our pleasure to provide support and information to our members so that we can work as a cultural bridge in this global world.


Benefits of membership

As a member, you will receive a monthly newsletter and occasional information e-mails, be able to participate in meetings and events, get special deals to members-only events and goods. Please see other pages under "Program", "Japan Festival", or "Calendar" for more information on past and future activities.

Monthly Activities

First Sunday of the month: Japan Activity Room (Hands-on interactive play room)

Wednesday before General Meeting each month: Board Meeting. Regular members are welcome. You can participate in creating and planning all the activities and events.

Third Sunday of the month: General Meeting. Report from the board meeting and potluck.

Annual Activities

New Year's party
Big potluck party of traditional and non-traditional New Year's food. There are also members' performance such as dance, music and martial art demonstrations.
Santa Fe Japan Festival, or Matsuri
Our biggest event of the year at Community Convention Center.
Bon Odori
Japanese summer folk dance. Outdoor summer festival. We form a circle and dance together.

Applying and Renewing Membership

All memberships are renewed annually on January 1. If you are renewing your membership, you do not need to send in a new application. When renewing by mail, please do not send cash.The membership form can be downloaded from the sidebar at right.

Membership dues are as follows:

  • Student: $10
  • Individual: $20
  • Family: $35

Please send your dues to:

Santa Fe JIN
PO Box 29903
Santa Fe, NM 87592

For credit card payment, please contact us.