Santa Fe Japan Festival



過去の祭りの記録をごらんになりたい場合は、Japan Festival のタブから年を選んでごらんいただけます。

Matsuri or Omatsuri(祭) is a Japanese term for festival. In Japan, seasonal festivals and celebrations are an important part of the culture. They started as religious ceremonies to pray for a good harvest in the spring and show gratitude for a good harvest in the fall. Since then, they have developed into much more extravagant and exciting events. Matsuri remain a major component of the Japanese culture today.

The Santa Fe JIN holds an annual Santa Fe Japanese Cultural Festival, which we've nicknamed the Matsuri, to showcase and spread the wonder of Japanese culture in New Mexico. For more information on past and future events, see the menu items under the "Japan Festival" menu at the top of the page.

There are many ways to participate. If you have any artistic/martial skills to show off, you belong to any Japanese related NPO to promote, you want to promote your business on our program (ad), you want to sell service or products at booth, or just simply want to help as volunteer for anything, please feel free to contact us.

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