Matsuri 2013


The 2013 Santa Fe Japan festival will take place on Saturday, April 20, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center.  The theme will be kimono.

Festivals, or "matsuri" in Japanese, are an important part of Japanese culture. Across Japan, there are thousands of national and local festivals celebrating everything from cherry blossoms to dolls to ancient folk legends. With the annual Santa Fe Japan Festival (or Matsuri for short), the Santa Fe JIN aims to bring Japan's festival spirit to Santa Fe. Since its founding, the Matsuri has been the JIN's biggest event. With attendees in the thousands, the Matsuri attracts people every year from across the state as well as across the southwest. We hope you will join us this year for the 2013 Matsuri about kimono!

If you would like to do more than just attend this year's Matsuri, we encourage you to sign up as a volunteer. We can always use more help with planning, setup, transportation, food preparation, cleanup, and everything else that makes the Matsuri a success. It's an excellent opportunity to be a part of something truly exceptional and to see a side of Japanese cultural in Santa Fe that you'll never forget! If you are interested, please contact the JIN at



Kimono are the Japanese traditional clothing. They evolved from Chinese Han Dynasty clothing around the eighth century AD, and became the standard garment for men, women, and children. Near the end of the 1800's, kimono were gradually replaced by Western-style clothing for everyday wear, but even today kimono are worn for traditional events such as festivals, and in certain places, such as bath houses.

Kimono can be plain for everyday wear, or they can be lavishly decorated. Some of the most skillfully designed kimono are regarded as works of art for their beauty. There are many different kinds of kimono for different occasions, each decorated in a specific way. There's plenty to learn! Join the JIN in an celebration of the art of the traditional kimono!

Stage Schedule

10:00 AM Welcome
Hachijo - Smokin' Bachi Taiko
Haiku - Santa Fe JIN Children's Japanese Language Class
10:15 AM Japanese Classic and Folk Dance - Chizuko Matsumoto and students
11:00 AM Tea Ceremony - Chado New Mexico
Greetings - Consul General Ikuhiko Ono, Consulate General of Japan at Denver
Honorary Consul General Davis Begay, Honorary Consulate of Japan at Albuquerque
12:00 PM Taiko Drumming - Smokin' Bachi Taiko
1:00 PM Kimono Fashion Show - Janine Thormann of Vintage Kimono
Obi Demonstration - Ikuko Begay
2:00 PM On Stage: Martial Arts
Iaido and Aikido - Damon Apodaca and Ken Jeremiah, Santa Fe Budokan
Zen Archery - Jinko Kyudo Iba
Kenpo - AKKA Karate USA
In the Courtyard: Bon Odori Dancing
Learn Japanese Folk Dances
3:00 PM Shakuhachi Flute - Marco Lienhard
4:00 PM Okinawan Dance - Miyagi Ryu Nosho Kai Ryukyu Dance and Music School