Ikebana workshop on the memorial day of the Tsunami 3/11


The 5th memorial anniversary of the Tsunami and Tohoku earthquake is coming on the 11th. There is a flower arrangement workshop on that special day. How about spending the evening learning Ikebana and giving good thoughts toward Japan ?


Let’s enjoy flower arranging with spring flowers!

Enjoy learning about the art of flower arrangement. Learn from master floral arrangement artist Hiromi Suzuki as she takes you into the stunning world of Ikebana.

Ikebana is a style of floral design that originated in Japan. Best known for its simplicity of line and form, Ikebana is a primarily practiced for personal enjoyment.

Learn first-hand how to properly setup floral arrangements
Develop a keen sense of aesthetic awareness
Enhance your spirituality
Take your flower arranging skills to the next level

Hiromi Suzuki began studying Ikebana in the Shinsei school under Suikei Okawa in Japan in 2006. Since then, she has continued studying this Ikebana style to deepen her knowledge. Hiromi has just received recognition as a “Shihan Level” instructor in January of 2015.

Please contact Naoko Iwamoto to RSVP for this class 719-588-9635 or at naoko.iwamoto@shumei.us (10 people maximum)

Date: Friday March 11th 6-8pm
Location: 2500 Cactus Lane Santa Fe 87505 (a.k.a. Sharon's house)

Suggested Donation of $20 per student. We will provide flowers and tools. If you have your own scissors, vase, and floral frog pin (kenzan), please bring them.