Kabuki make up demonstration at general meeting Sunday 3/20





Santa fe JIN general meeting
Sunday March 20th 1-3pm
Whole Foods Community Room on Cordova

This will be last chance we can enjoy learning about Kabuki before Matsuri 2016.

JIN member, Chizuko will give us a hands-on demonstration of Kabuki make up as well as some Kabuki dance gestures. She is a well trained traditional Japanese dance certified by Hanayagi school. It is a very rare occasion that we can see how Kumadori (Kabuki make up) is done up close. Please make time to experience this !!

If you would like to be one of the models for different designs, please show up wearing a clothes with open neck line. You get to experience the real Kabuki make up !!

There will be power point presentation on Kabuki make up and costume JIN board member Iba prepared for School project as well.

Suggested donation : $5