Tsukimi, the Moon Viewing tomorrow on Saturday 10/15/16 6-7:30pm



Tomorrow is full moon. Have you noticed how beautiful the sky is every day at sunset ? Autumn is the best season to look up. Please join us. Let's celebrate the harvest season together with offerings, music, poetry reading and home made snacks over hot tea and soup.

Any members are welcome to join us. The event will be a casual potluck. Bring your own chairs, sweater or jacket. Bring a poem about moon if you have any or compose one while viewing!

The moon rises and the sun sets around 6:30pm tomorrow. We will gather while it is still light, eat, watch the moon rise and enjoy the full view for a couple of hours.

Thank you, Carl, JIN member and his land lord for letting us gather at his Taiko Dojo space.

Saturday October 15th 6pm-7:30pm (or till later if you would like to stay.)
Taiko Dojo, 2946 Santeros Road in Santa Fe (off Agua Fria on South side.)
Watch for the red signs and / or red balloons.

In case of mildly bad weather, we will gather inside Dojo and have a "hidden-moon viewing" celebration.

The Dojo is at 2946 Santeros Road in Santa Fe. Santeros Road turns off Agua Fria near Jemez. From town, get on Agua Fria Road going west. Agua Fria Road runs parallel to the Santa Fe River. Pass the intersections of Agua Fria and Siler, then pass Lopez/Casa del Oro. Turn left on Santeros, which is a gravel road. There is a power pole with a sign about firewood at the intersection. If you find yourself at Agua Fria and Jemez Road, you have gone a block too far.

From the freeway, take 599 to South Meadows Road, then take South Meadows Road to Agua Fria. Turn East on Agua Fria towards town. Go 2 blocks up Agua Fria and turn right on Santeros Road.

From Cerrillos and Jaguar, take Jaguar to South Meadows Road and follow it to Agua Fria. Turn east on Agua Fria towards town. Go 2 blocks up Agua Fria and turn right on Santeros Road.

Once you are on Santeros Road, this gravel road goes a block south, turns briefly east, then turns south again. Continue south for another block along a large empty lot on your left until you get to a chain link fence with a green gate on your right. In general we try to keep the dogs on the inside of the gate separated from the dogs on the outside, so please leave the gate closed after you enter. The dogs on the inside are friendly, the dogs on the outside may be friendly.

There is a parking lot in front of a one story building with a sign "2946" over the door. The white door under the sign is the door to the dojo. We will probably locate near the tree in front of the door, so please try to park away from that area.

You can also view these directions as a Google Map.