Japan Festival Report

Thank you all for making this year's Santa Fe Japanese Cultural Festival a huge success! We had more than 2500 visitors, over 130 volunteers, and over 30 vendors in attendance. We visited 50+ classrooms beforehand educating students about the kabuki theme and working on mask-making projects. We gave 7 scholarships worth a total of $1800. The stage performance and all the booths were busy and lively all day long. The Japanese delegation group enjoyed themselves talking to visitors who are truly interested in Japan. Many free raffle prizes were given throughout the day.

Particular thanks to the chairs of each sections, who worked really hard in the past month or longer.

  • Matsuri director, booth vendor and contact to the convention center: Casey
  • Treasurer: Gloria
  • Art direction for the stage: Kayoko
  • Stage setup: Jon
  • Graphic and general design: Sharon
  • Stage and kabuki display decoration and cosplay: Jaye
  • Signage, volunteer organization, raffle: Ann, Carl
  • School project: Iba
  • Kitchen and food sales: Keiko, Minori
  • Kitchen prep: DJ, Mildred
  • JIN sales: Dee,
  • Admission and transport: Susan
  • Scholarship: Tom, Rose, Stephen
  • Communication with CCA and hotel arrangement for the performers: Ellen
  • MC: Stephen
  • Moving truck: Michael
  • Board meeting consulting: Don
  • Kids' area: Beth
  • Radio communication: Sue

There were also a couple of people who could not be there due to sickness or injury, etc. Their spirit and intentions were there at the convention center. We are sending good thoughts to you for a quick recovery.

2016 Japan Festival Stage Schedule

The stage schedule is included below as an image file and is also available as a PDF. We look forward to seeing you all there!

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